Your Brain Matters

Your Brain Matters – 5 Simple Steps to Maximising your brain health. 

Get started by joining the brain health challenge today!

Your Brain Matters is Dementia Australia's brain health program, designed to help Australians live a brain healthy life. As part of the program we encourage you to take up the Brain Health Challenge for 21 Days.

We have also developed an App to assist in monitoring your brain health. Available for Android and Apple smart phones, download BrainyApp today to help you on your way to a brain healthy lifestyle.  

There are three key areas to help you live a brain healthy life: look after your Brain, Body and Heart.

All these are important in looking after your brain health.

Following the Your Brain Matters guide is particularly important once you reach middle age, as this is when changes in the brain start to occur. But it’s even better if you follow them throughout life. It’s never too late either, as brain function can be improved at any age.

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