CSIRO video: Alzheimer's enigma

This 3D animation (developed by the CSIRO) takes you deep into the brain to understand how plaque build-up on brain cells occurs during Alzheimer's disease.

Video transcripts are available here:

Dementia Australia Research Foundation

Meet some of Australia's dementia researchers funded through donations to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation.

Dr Bryce Vissel at Dementia Awareness Week 2013 – Maximising Cognitive Health

Dr Bryce Vissel speaking at the launch of Dementia Awareness Week 2013 at a seminar at Parliament House in Sydney. Dementia Awareness Week is the national flagship week for Dementia Australia's community awareness activities each year. The theme of Dementia Awareness Week 2013 was Brain Health: Making the Connections with the seminar focusing on maximising cognitive health.