Dementia is everybody’s business - Global leaders urged to support dementia-friendly communities

Every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia1. Alzheimer’s Disease International has called on global leaders to help create societies where the inclusion of people living with dementia becomes part of everyday life.

‘Dementia Friendly Communities: Key Principles and Global Developments’ were released today at Alzheimer’s Disease International’s 31st International Conference in Budapest. Discussing the implementation of dementia friendly communities and the key principles that should underpin them. The reports highlight the message that dementia should be everybody’s business.

Alzheimer’s Australia National CEO Carol Bennett said it is essential we use this report to convey to the broader public the concept of just what a dementia friendly community is, the benefits and the resources available to make a community more dementia friendly and inclusive.

“It is great to see the Australian dementia friendly community initiatives showcased in the report. There are numerous programs underway in all seven states across Australia. Our consumers have indicated to us that stigma and social isolation continue to be major issues following a diagnosis. From this and other consumer feedback we have identified six priorities for dementia friendly communities:

  • increased awareness and understanding of dementia
  • access to social activities
  • supports to stay at home
  • appropriate health care
  • transport support and
  • improvements to the physical environment.

“People with dementia deserve to live a life of value and purpose in their own communities. We need to do more from a Government level right through to the grass roots level, to ensure all Australian communities are inclusive and friendly especially for people with dementia.” Ms Bennett said.

To read the full report ‘Dementia Friendly Communities: Key Principles and Global Developments’ visit the ADI website: