The invisible aged: the people politics forgot by John Watkins

"Today over 160,000 Australians will wake to another day in one of the nation’s 2,800 residential aged care facilities. We used to call them nursing homes and we used to call their residents by name. Today we hardly see them."The Hon. John Watkins AM CEO Dementia Australia NSW

Dementia Australia NSW CEO The Hon. John Watkins AM has penned an opinion piece about the cuts to aged care announced in the Federal Budget. It appeared on The Guardian Australia and you can read the whole piece here.

As John laments, the practical result of these cuts will include reductions in physiotherapy for residents in pain, lower staffing levels and longer waits for personal attention and less attention to residents who may demonstrate confronting behaviour.

"It’s hard to fathom a system that allows for tax cuts for the well-off to be paid for out of the misery of the aged living with dementia in the nation’s nursing homes," John says.

"Perhaps the only justice in this sorry tale is that inevitably a few of the men and women responsible for this attack on the frail aged in residential care will themselves one day spend their final days in the aged care system that they so negligently undermine. Politicians get old, develop dementia and get lonely too."

Read the full piece on The Guardian Australia website.