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COTA National Seniors

COTA Australia is the peak national organisation representing the rights, needs and interests of older Australians. COTA Australia is the national policy and advocacy arm of the COTA Federation which comprises COTAs in each State and Territory. COTA Australia focuses on policy issues from the perspective of older people as citizens and consumers.


Cultura website

The Cultura website was taken offline in January 2020.

The 'Cultura Care model' and associated website, app and resources were created to assist people to better relate and communicate with individuals from different cultures.

There are a range of other resources available to assist with relating and communicating with individuals from different cultures. We recommend you start by visiting


Delivering health messages to newly arrived communities

A model of delivering health messages to newly arrived communities

An example, increasing dementia awareness through ethnic radio for newly arrived communities.

This model is based on the findings of the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) Project Memory loss: Disrupting daily life: A national dementia campaign which was a Dementia Community Support Grant Program funded through the Australian Government’s Dementia Initiative, 2009.

Dementia Alliance International

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is a collaboration of like-minded individuals diagnosed with dementia providing a unified voice of strength, advocacy, and support in the fight for individual autonomy for people with dementia.

DAI was established in January 2014 to promote education and awareness about dementia – in order to eradicate stigma and discrimination – and to improve the quality of the lives of people with dementia.

Dementia and driving