Risk Reduction

What are the risk factors for dementia?

Risk factors

Some of the risk factors associated with dementia can be managed through lifestyle changes or appropriate medical treatments. 

Your Brain Matters

Your Brain Matters is Dementia Australia’s dementia risk reduction program. Dementia cannot yet be prevented or cured, so it’s important for us to be aware of what we can do to reduce the risk of developing it. Your Brain Matters promotes a ‘brain healthy’ lifestyle, and also provides advice on how you can reduce your risk of developing dementia.


BrainyApp was developed by Dementia Australia and Bupa Health Foundation to raise awareness of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, and to help you live a brain healthy life.

Diagnosing dementia

Information about the early signs of dementia, the importance of early and correct diagnosis and the ways in which it is diagnosed.

Genetics of dementia

People affected by dementia are often concerned about whether the condition can be passed along in families. This page discusses the role of heredity in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.