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About us

Dementia Australia ACT represents the interests of people living with dementia and those who care for them. Dementia Australia ACT is making a difference for those impacted by dementia by using our knowledge and expertise to provide leadership in quality services, and to be a strong and credible voice for the creation of a dementia friendly ACT. Our range of services include information, advice, counselling, support groups and education.

We are committed to the prevention of dementia while valuing and supporting people living with dementia. Dementia Australia ACT is the peak dementia body within the ACT.

Contact details and directions to our office

National Dementia Helpline

The National Dementia Helpline is a telephone information, support and referral service staffed by trained and experienced advisors.

The National Dementia Helpline can be contacted by phoning 1800 100 500 during business hours.

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Key worker programs dementia advisors

Our key worker programs dementia advisors are a primary point of contact for people who are living with dementia, their carers and families.

Our staff work with clients to develop comprehensive strategies that optimise their engagement with support and care options.

Younger onset dementia key worker program

The younger onset dementia key worker program acts as a primary point of contact for people under 65 who are living with dementia, their carers and families.

Staff work with clients to develop comprehensive strategies that optimise their engagement with support and care options.

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Carer support groups

Carer support groups provide support and offer practical help and information for carers in a variety of settings.

Carers are encouraged to socialise, share thoughts and ideas and form friendships while enjoying the company of those who understand.

Monthly support groups are held in a range of locations across Canberra.

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Education services

Education services provide education opportunities for carers, health, community and residential care staff through a variety of formats including:

  • tailored education
  • calendar of courses
  • standard training sessions
  • multicultural specific education, and
  • dementia consultancy service.

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Dementia network

Dementia network hosts national and international experts speaking on the latest research, care and optimal environments for people living with dementia.

These sessions provide a valuable opportunity for carers, health, aged and community care staff to network and gain information and knowledge about dementia.

Living with dementia program

The living with dementia program is specifically designed for people who acknowledge their diagnosis of early stage dementia and want to obtain information, planning and support for the future.

A support person is welcome to accompany them.

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Community information and events

Community information and events provide up-to-date courses and information sessions to raise awareness of dementia in the community.

We partner with a range of providers including multi-cultural and multi-interest groups to extend our reach into community.


The Connections newsletter is our quarterly newsletter and provides information about support services and events, lived experience stories, interesting topics and the latest research findings in dementia.

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Social support

Social support is provided through a range of activities and programs that encourage social engagement and participation in the community.

These programs are available for people living with dementia, their carers and their families.

Clinical and consultancy services

Clinical and consultancy services support provides expert advice and practical support for clinical and care coordination including:

  • ‘Best Fit’ care and accommodation solutions
  • aged care extras, and
  • person centred care assessments.

Psychological and counselling services

Psychological and counselling services provide an opportunity for family carers and the person with early stage dementia to explore their concerns with an experienced counsellor.

Dementia and the Arts program

This is the first of its kind within the ACT. The program’s aim is to support people living with dementia and their carers through all stages of the disease, regardless of a person’s physical or cognitive capacity.

The program aims to inspire the lives of people with dementia and their carers and increase their opportunities for enhanced well-being, quality of life and social interaction.

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